Fatherhood: A gift

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Caption: Breakfast in bed was the request.

Five years ago, I became a father because our daughter was born. From that moment, I felt a responsibility that nothing else in life had brought to me.

There she was, breathing life and accepting that the voice she was hearing was a source of comfort. The hands she felt were a source of security. And the inaudible bond that was created would allow her to grow and be the person she chooses to become.

In that moment, there were no words that I knew that could best express my feelings. Just images of the journey ahead. Discovery is the best word that described that journey. A mutual discovery of what it means to be a father and a daughter.

There are three important leadership lessons that I am practicing with my daughter and her brother:

  1. Empathy – that ability to feel the bump after the fall or the knock is unique. Translating this into life outside of home is critical for me to contribute to the community and lead with creativity.
  2. Patience – Until those first words come out, one needs to be able to connect with the emotions and signs that betray pain or joy. Sorrow or happiness. There is no recipe but simply the willingness to walk with her in harmony.
  3. Hope – It is possible to nurture life without constraining it.

It is just the beginning and I am grateful for the mutual discovery.