About me

I am a pilgrim whose purpose is to learn constantly in order to contribute to Africa’s transformation.

I was born in Treichville, a neighbourhood in Abidjan, and grew up with a deep sense of helping others. My parents were health professionals who taught me about the value of a life saved. Their dedication to saving lives became an important part of my First Mile in life. Along the way, they instilled the burning flame of knowledge through ideas that shape the world no matter how small that change can be. I use ideas to weave my part of the world I am responsible for.

I continue to learn from the lessons that my parents taught me. I am immensely rewarded by the good samaritans I meet along the way to the final destination. They help me to focus on the incremental personal and collective change that matter to me and the community I belong to. And the most important part is that none of them can tell me how far I have to go on life’s journey.

They often remind me that “It’s too far for any except those who shall arrive there.”